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Light Embodied is the first comprehensive collection published of Chuck Smith's fine art male nude photography, spanning over 8 years of expressive and passionate work. The imagery is of 100% traditional photographic process, captured on film with all effects occuring in camera at the time of exposure. More than 60 images of individual men and male couples grace the pages of this 10 X 12" hardbound coffee table style book.

With a style uniquely sensitive and romantic, Chuck's imagery beautifully renders an emotional portrait of the male sexual being. Ranging from quiet inner repose to impassioned lovers' embrace, Light Embodied achieves an astonishing tenderness with bold sexual energy.

In the book's preface, John Killacky of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco writes, "Light Embodied presents us with dream-like images of unabashed gay male sensibility caressed in light, shadow, and motion... The luminosity of his figures offers a transcendent and innocent future."

Published by Pohlmann Press, Light Embodied is a refreshingly sincere and sensuous collection.

Light Embodied: 100 pages; 4-color process tinted B&W; 10 X 12" hardbound with dust jacket; full male nudity, homoerotic; hand signed by the artist. $125.00 Item # LE17510

Now see the complete book here: Light Embodied Flash Gallery

Light Embodied is no longer available from the publisher and is becoming increasingly rare. My copies are brand new, unopened until I sign them. These are my personal last and few copies from the publisher. Very limited availability.

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