by Chuck Smith

He came to me in a dream which I had often dreamt

and swept away the darkness of the night

Bid welcome

to the interlude

Stay a while

this place unfolds before the present can call it by name

though I know it as friendly and dear as any that came before or promises hence

this is familiar


and yet -- in truth I cannot claim its passage still in this life time

I have fallen here for love it seems

upon the stars each night I grant return to stay me just a while longer

and feel for what I might not take upon some other man

Sweet descending bliss

the rhythms of heavenly orbs

how they shift these tides and cast this time away the stormy night

that but the morrow’s tide will wash my dreams to other shores

I’ll fall myself to sleep this night

and call again your name

So brief a time now past without your tender touch I did but dream

You are the incarnate

as I

this is not my dream alone

you too close your eyes at night

and where we meet is this as body and soul enfolded not for our yearning to possess

but for our joy to set free so stay

stay and be lost to your world to partake in this

this place is unmoved

this time will become familiar

With every breath of morning’s air a dozen days relive their past

and sweet inhales of night’s cool touch will thousandfold inspire dreams

Bid welcome to the interlude

and in its time partake

Bid welcome to the INTERLUDE

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