Chuck Smith Photography Note Pads
Page Detail

Detail of Translucent Pages

Semi-translucent pages of parchment and vellum are interspersed throughout each note pad, allowing for the underlying imagery to create a double-exposure layered impression. This effect is blocked for clarity in my on-line flash gallery, but above are 2 examples from each pad of actual stacked pages.

Each Chuck Smith Photography Note Pad consists of 41 pages of imagery (including cover and back-card) printed on 1 side in 4-color process on a variety of paper, vellum and parchment stocks, in subtle tones to allow for your written inspirations. They are glue padded on the top edge and designed for each page to tear off for use - they will not hold together as a book. One pad is primarily people and fashion imagery, while the other is still-life and scenic. The pads measure 4.25 X 5.5” each and are available in a set of 4 pads, 2 of each design.

Chuck Smith Photography Note Pads, $5.00 (set). Item # CSP1409 (click here to order)

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